Each month we create two unique subscription boxes.  The collections are unrelated and do not repeat.  For some lucky customers this means that there are at least 24 opportunities to enjoy My Garden Box throughout the year.  That's right, we have customers that opt to receive both of the following monthly subscription box collections:

My Monthly Plant - Our monthly plant club membership provides everything you need to add a unique and seasonal plant variety to your collection.  Here's what you can expect...

  • Great experience for new gardeners and plant collectors
  • Current month's feature plant
  • Quality decorative plant container
  • Potting & care instructions
  • Plant label, growing media, and/or fun add-ons
  • Gift-quality packaging

My DIY Garden - The Do-It-Yourself garden offers a complete garden project experience.  Following a seasonally appropriate garden theme, the My DIY Garden creates a more engaging gardening experience, but also includes everything needed for growing success...

  • Very popular with families and crafters
  • A themed collection of plants
  • Containers that pair well with the plants
  • Potting & care instructions w/ letter about each collection
  • Plant label, growing media, fertilizer (when appropriate)
  • Gardening tools, supplies, or functional decor
  • Gift-quality packaging

We also offer select previous collections as one-time boxes.  For more information on one-time boxes visit...